March 6, 2021

Spud's Elephant

A typical "put-on" Rich pulled on Suzy while Spud was in Africa.

Left to Right, Suzy Melin, Rich Knerr and friend, Tom Wells

Spud's Elephant

One of the ways Spud and Rich's love of fun found expression was in what they called "put-ons." These were practical jokes or stunts. Ashton Kutcher has recently called it being "punked." Though there was no TV show, they caught the moment with a picture.

The setup: While Spud was away in Africa on safari, Rich sent Spud's wife,Suzy, a telegram (supposedly from Spud). He told her at length about finding an orphaned baby elephant, how he'd bonded with it and couldn't bear to leave it to fend for itself in the wild. He asked her to please understand he was having it shipped home but not to worry,  he would arrive before their new pet did.

Well before Spud was due to return from Africa, Rich arranged with an animal park to borrow a baby elephant and have it delivered to Spud's house. In the photo, Tom Wells, a good friend of theirs, holds the clip board with the shipping manifest along with the care and feeding instructions for Spud's new pet.

Rich was in great form this day, playing it earnest and straight for poor Suzy. It was several minutes before they all had a good laugh.

Spud got to hear a great tale from his wife upon his return. The elephant got a bunch of nice treats for his trouble.