March 6, 2021

Whirly-Go-Round Field Testing

Our first test with a room full of kids was a blast!

Our First Field Test, Wow!

For many months now, I have been perfecting the design that my dad and Spud created years ago.  I have worked with several vendors to find the best hardware and bamboo to create a quality finished product.  From time to time, I have tested the whirly-go-round with neighborhood kids just like my dad used to do.  A week ago  Wednesday, I spent 2 hours at my church allowing some of our kiddos to take the whirly-go-round for a test spin.  I even brought in a few versions to see what would work best.  

The results of the field testing blew me away.  Once the children caught on to how to move in order to enjoy the thrill ride, they didn’t want to stop.  They created contests with each other and formed lines to have another turn. After jumping from his turn, one little boy came up to me and said, “This is better than recess!”  By the time their parents came to pick them up and we told them playtime was over, I realized they’d been at it for an hour and a half without losing interest! They didn’t want to stop. My dad would have said, "that’s a home run!" That’s how he and Spud would figure out if a product would sell, they’d let kids in our neighborhood have at it and watch what we did. I wish he and Spud could have been there, they would have been as excited as I am! This type of feedback ignites the passion in me to create the best product for kids to enjoy.   

This field test revealed some small potential improvements that are now dialed into our production design.

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