Get Your Kids Moving With Funomenal Fun

Whirly-Go-Round is physically activated, unleashing PPP* for more fun than digital devices.

* Phenomenal Properties of Physics

Story of Whirly-Go-Round

See the prototype Chuck tested when he was 6, and how a conversation with his Dad, sparked its fulfillment 39 years after they left the business.

For Kids' Sake

Screens keep children inactive, often leaving them depressed and disengaged from family.

The garage where Spud and Rich started


Kids need physically active play for healthy development.
Slip 'N Slide manufacturing

Kids are Obsessed

Big Tech algorithms hijack attention.
Hula Hoop manufacturing

Parents Are Torn

Kids don't understand. Limiting screen time just feels unfair.

For kids to put down those screens, the fun has to be Funomenal!

Funomenal Fun is Physically Activated

We harness phenomenal properties of Physics, to get kids moving.



Save $50

GET NOTIFIED: Production is limited, we don't want any child to be disappointed. There is no obligation. We will notify you when you can purchase and you'll SAVE $50.

Whirly-Go-Round is an Indoor Thrill-Ride for kids ages 4 to 12 years. It spins like crazy for the most fun a kid can have indoors Make any room an amusement park with this hand-crafted, heirloom toy. Made of solid bamboo, the Whirly-Go-Round is as durable as it is beautiful in any room.