Spud 'N Rich

Named after toy creators Spud Melin and Rich Knerr and founded by Rich's son, Chuck, to offer today's children more active, imaginative fun.

Toy Industry Hall of Fame Tribute Video Chuck produced when Spud and Rich were posthumously inducted.

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What Ignited Spud 'N Rich?

Chuck Knerr spent his entire career in media and marketing, never using what he learned from Spud and Rich.

His grandkids changed that.

First, he noticed how easily his grandkids disappeared into screens that became digital babysitters. Then, their homes were filling up with plastic toys that quickly outlived their interest.

He wanted to create Funomenal, durable, sustainable fun that would last multiple kids and generations and encourage interactive physical play instead of isolating screen time.


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Chuck has been in love with the idea for Whirly-Go-Round since he was 6-years old. His Dad and Spud had played around with a metal contraption that Chuck says was a blast but they never succeeded in creating it as a real product. "I just remember the thrill of being able to spin as fast and as long as I wanted."  I told my Dad 20 years ago that I wanted to do this. He responded as he always did, "Well, good.  Do it!" Chuck regrets, "I can't believe I waited this long."

In 2019, he set out to rebuild this cherished toy from his family's past. Chuck has developed 16 different designs over many months. Now he's discovered the ultimate design, one that is beautiful to behold, delightful to feel and a thrill to ride. "I just wish my Dad were here to see it, or I could call him on the phone to tell him the news! He'd be so proud that I solved the issues that prevented them from selling these, and solved them in such an elegant and durable way."

 When Spud and Rich started, they used mail order advertising, but it's 2020 and the digital age now provides crowdfunding options.  Chuck is launching a Kickstarter campaign this spring, stating, "Spud and Rich would have loved it!   After all, mail order was just a much slower version of crowdfunding."

Kickstarter Campaign Kicks Off in Spring 2020

After testing it with the neighbor girls next door, we had our first real test. The kids were keen to master it and even invented competitions, lining up to be next. By the time their parents came to pick them up, I realized they'd been playing with them for an hour and a half without losing interest!

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With a career of media experience, Chuck understands how to tell a story and has iconic American stories to tell about his dad and Spud.  He'd be happy to share experiences from his childhood as a product tester for his dad or door to door salesman.  He would also love to share the more than 50 year journey of Whirly-Go-Round and his future crowdfunding launch this spring. Email for arranging an interview today!
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Such experiences created his passion for today's children to have better opportunities for fun.

Chuck's first product test.
Selling Door to Door
Water Wiggle TV Commercial
Chuck learned learned by doing.
Test footage for TV commercial
Chuck's 1st invention, Moon Gravity Machine.
They found fun everywhere.
Fun with the next generation.
Chuck speaking for Spud and Rich


So beautiful, it's almost modern art.-- but way too much fun to hang on a wall!

Solid bamboo and so well-made the fun is sustainable to the next generation.

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