Our Mission is Fun

To get kids moving with PhysActive products that are such Funomenal Fun, and so well made, they'll want to  hand them down to their own children.

Stare Less: Children staring at screensPlay More: girl on Whirly-Go-Round

Spud 'N Rich supports parents, as they contend with the digital world enveloping their children.

Kids Deserve Better

Content algorithms attract young eyeballs and feed children content; without regard to its impact.

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Funomenal Fun is Sustainable

Built with the best materials, to stay fun for years.

Boy spinning on a Whirly-Go-Round
A beautiful bamboo Whirly-Go-Round
New bamboo shootBamboo leaves
Stare Less: Boy staring at table screenPlay More: Boy on a Whirly-Go-Round

Toys Have Changed

From Post-War America to the 21st Century

Hand-made wooden toys

No Toy Stores

In the early 20th Century, most childrens' toys were homemade. People were more focused on putting bread on their tables.
Growing post-war suburbs


After WWII, America exploded with a baby boom. The standard of living rose dramatically. Families sought a better life, post-war.
a children's TV commercial

Toys Take Off

The development of plastics enable innovative and inexpensive toys. TV commercials started to be created for children's programs.
Interior Big Box Toy store

Children are Big Business

In the 70s and 80s, Big Box Stores stocked thousands of individual toy products. Electronic games and toys begin to take more shelf-space.
Boy playing video games

Digital Dominates

More children spend playtime sitting passively in front of a screen, exercising only their thumbs, and straining eyeballs.
News story, lucrative children's digital advertising

Passive Play Takes Over

This headline reflects how many children spend their days watching videos of other children playing (In 2020 it was $30M).