To bless kids with SO MUCH active fun they FORM EMOTIONAL CONNECTIONS WITH TOYS SO well MADE, they CAN SAVE THEM TO hand down to their children.


After sitting all day at school, most kids can't wait to get home and sit in front of passive entertainment, watching videos, games, or videos of other kids playing games. Most parents find it hard to pull them away from digital devices. It's like asking kids to eat broccoli instead of chips! Spud 'N Rich stands with parents, as we all contend with a digital environment that envelops children at an early age.

Children were made to play using their minds, bodies and imaginations. Such active play is necessary for healthy emotional, cognitive and physical development, enhances learning and helps prevent obesity.

Our goal is to make products that are more fun than staring at screens. If broccoli tasted as good as chips, it would be a fair fight. We can't change broccoli but we know how to develop toys that are Funomenal Fun!

Impact of Screen Time

Screen time is a growing epidemic. Children spend as much as 40 hours a week glued to screens filled with excitement that often leaves them inactive and disengaged with life around them. Content providers have developed savvy algorithms for attracting young eyeballs and feeding children content; without regard to its impact.

Big Changes

How Toys Have Changed

Early 20th Century
No Toy Stores

Most childrens' toys were homemade. People were more focused on putting bread on their tables.

The Baby Boom

America explodes with the baby boom. The standard of living rises dramatically. Families seek a better life, post-war.

The Fifties
Toys Take Off

The development of plastics enable innovative and inexpensive toys. TV commercials were first created for children's programs.

The Eighties
Children Are Big Business

Big Box Stores stock thousands of individual toy products. Electronic games and toys begin to take more shelf-space.

The Millennium
Digital Takes Over

More children spend playtime sitting passively in front of a screen, exercising only their thumbs and eyeballs.

Passive Play

This headline reflects how many children are spending their days watching videos of other children playing .

Old-Time Values With Relevance For Today

Freedom To Play

Healthy fun involves more than thumbs or fingertips.

The best kind of play engages bodies, minds and imagination under responsible adult supervision.

Play Together, Stay Together

Family is the foundation of society.

We value families bonding together through playfulness, generating fun, memorable moments. Such moments convey values from one generation to another.


We are committed to sustainable fun using the best available materials and a design built to last.

Fun is sustainable when products don't end up in a landfill within weeks or months.

Our Fresh New Approach To Family Fun

Chuck is excited to launch Spud 'N Rich for new, fun innovation. Our name marks our focus on the values and legacy of the Knerr and Melin families.

Funomenal and Sustainable

"We have two goals for Spud 'N Rich products: To provide both funomenal and sustainable fun.  We want our toy products to encourage active play that is more appealing than screen time.  And to build products that become so well-loved, your child will want you to save it, so one day their children can share the the same joyful experience.


If You Share Our Values

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Risky Business

Our Company Is A Leap Of Faith

Chuck Knerr founded Spud 'N Rich after years procrastination and soul-searching. Grateful for the mentoring from Spud and Rich, he decided to step out on faith to share those blessings with this generation of young ones and those to come.


Ministry Donations

Spud 'N Rich has chosen to donate ten percent of profits to these ministries.

To help as many people as possible have a growing love relationship with Jesus Christ and to help them pursue with passion the purpose for which they were created and gifted by God.
We are taking the good news of Jesus to the least reached among Jews and Muslims and those off the beaten path who have no access to hear it. We are telling the real stories behind the headlines of God’s amazing work around the world.