To make toys that bless kids with fun they'll remember their whole lives... and so well-made they can hand the fun down to their children.


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Spud N’ Rich was created to spark fun for children through interactive play and was named after toy creators Spud Melin and Rich Knerr.

“Dad hoped the fun would never stop.”
Chuck Knerr, founder & son of Rich Knerr

Long-Lasting Values With Relevance For Today

Freedom To Play

Healthy fun involves more than thumbs or fingertips.

The best kind of play engages bodies, minds and imagination.

We value the safety of children at play under responsible adult supervision.

Play Together, Stay Together

Family is the foundation of society.

We value families creating community together through playfulness, generating fun, memorable moments. Such moments convey values from one generation to another.


We are committed to sustainable fun by using the best available materials with a design built to last multiple generations of play.

Sustainable fun, is when products don't end up in a landfill within weeks or months.


Launching New Fun



Risky Business

Our Company Is A Leap Of Faith

Chuck Knerr founded Spud 'N Rich after much procrastination and soul-searching. Grateful for the blessings he received in his childhood, he decided to step out on faith to share those blessings with this generation of young ones and those to come.


Ministry Donations

Spud 'N Rich has chosen to donate ten percent of profits to these ministries the Knerr family has selected.

To help as many people as possible have a growing love relationship with Jesus Christ and to help them pursue with passion the purpose for which they were created and gifted by God.
We are taking the good news of Jesus to the least reached among Jews and Muslims and those off the beaten path who have no access to hear it. We are telling the real stories behind the headlines of God’s amazing work around the world.
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