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February 11, 2020
We Were All Astronauts
It was February 20, 1962 and eyes were on the sky as John Glenn orbited the earth three times.  The reason that memory is so vivid is because that Spring, my dad had me test a contraption that created that revolutionary feeling.  That circling motion felt while on dad and Spud's metal gizmo made me feel like an astronaut like every little boy wanted to be back then as NASA succeeded in historic space missions and exercises.  But unlike so many toys I had tested, it never made it to market at that time. I loved how I was able to control it, to orbit as fast and as long as I wanted.
Nearly 40 years later, I asked my dad what happened to that idea.  He told me  there were too many problems they couldn't solve, both manufacturing and performance issues. I told Dad I thought the problems were worth solving and bet him I could. He took that bet. It was his way of motivating me to go do it. I only regret it's taken me this long.
The positive thing is that the wait is nearly over. After 20 years of waiting and over a year of designing, the Whirly-Go-Round will make its debut, a “re-entry” if you will for all the little boys and girls who wish to dream they are taking orbit into space too.  And really,  what kid doesn't love to get dizzy?
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