Is This Playtime?

Spud 'N Rich was founded because kids deserve options for physical play  that are more fun than staring at a screen and so well-made, still fun for another generation.


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Chuck wants his grandchildren to have more fun than staring at a screen, "I hope they'll be digitally savvy, but not robotic!"


When Chuck realized the valuable experiences and insights he'd been blessed with by Spud and Rich, he felt convicted. "I'd ignored what God had gifted me with for too long."

Big Changes

The Evolution of Toys

Early 20th Century
No Toy Stores

Few toys were commercially sold. Most childrens' toys were homemade. People were more focused on putting bread on their tables.

The Baby Boom

After World War II, America explodes with families and children. The standard of living rises dramatically. People seek a better life, post-depression.

The Fifties
Toys Take Off

The development of plastics enable innovative and inexpensive toys. Children's TV commercials were created and small toy stores start to spring up.

The Eighties
Toys Are Big Business

Big Box Stores stock thousands of individual toy products. Electronic games and toys begin to take-off. No wonder kids were thrilled to go toy shopping.

The Millennium
Digital Takes Over

More children spend playtime sitting in front of a screen, exercising only their thumbs. Plastic toys are now made in Asia and skyrocket in numbers.

Passive Play

This headline demonstrates how many children are spending their days watching videos of other children unboxing toys and playing video games.


The Impact of Screen Time on Children


Passive Entertainment

Screen time is a growing epidemic in today's culture with children spending as much as 40 hours a week glued to something that offers to bring excitement & entertainment to their lives, but often leaves them inactive and disengaged with life around them. Content providers have developed savvy algorithms for attracting young eyeballs and feeding children content they like to see; along with advertising.

Our Fresh New Approach To Family Fun

Chuck is excited to launch Spud 'N Rich for new, fun innovation. Our name marks our focus on the value of the legacy Rich Knerr and Spud Melin created.

Funomenal and Sustainable

"We have two goals for Spud 'N Rich products: To provide funomenal and sustainable fun.  We want our toy products to encourage active play that is more appealing than screen time.  We also want to build our products to become so well-loved from continuous use, that it's sustainable over multiple siblings, even generations; an heirloom treasure."

get off the couch and play!


Funomenal Fun combines both phenomenal and fun together because it's hard to understand how you can have such fun until you experience it!

While studying physics in high school, Chuck discovered a pattern of unique physical properties of successful toys Spud and Rich created over the years.  Combining that knowledge with innovation and modern style, Chuck is creating funomenal fun for the next generation that exceeds the excitement of screen time any day!

Rich Knerr

Spud Melin