Turns any room into a playground of Funomenal Fun.
Kids quickly gain a feel for what makes it go (physics). Children love the exhilaration of feeling in control; spinning as long and fast as they want.

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Indoor Thrill-Ride

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Beautiful Bamboo

Hand-crafted and built to last.


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GET NOTIFIED: Production is limited, we don't want any child to be disappointed. There is no obligation. We will notify you when you can purchase and you'll SAVE $50.

Whirly-Go-Round is an Indoor Thrill-Ride for kids ages 4 to 12 years. It spins like crazy for the most fun a kid can have indoors Make any room an amusement park with this hand-crafted, heirloom toy. Made of solid bamboo, the Whirly-Go-Round is as durable as it is beautiful in any room.


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For kids to put down those screens, the fun has to be Funomenal!

For Kid's Sake

By design, Technology keeps kids glued to screens that mesmerize, feeding them endless streams of targeted content. They keep children inactive, often leaving them depressedand disengaged from family.

Our Mission Is Fun
5-year old girl staring at a smartphone screen.