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Whirly-Go-Round Is Funomenal Fun


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Who Took the Play out of Playtime?

Spud 'N Rich was founded because kids deserve options for physical play  that are more fun than staring at a screen and so well-made, still fun for the next generation.



Whirly-Go-Round is designed and built to stay fun. Hand-crafted from thick bamboo (the most durable wood) and steel bolts. Your kids might hand it down to your grandchildren.


Chuck has been in love with the idea for Whirly-Go-Round since he was six years old. His Dad and Spud had played around with a metal contraption that Chuck says was a blast but they never succeeded in creating it as a real product. "I just remember the thrill of being able to spin as fast and as long as I wanted."  I told my Dad 20 years ago that I wanted to do this. He responded as he always did, "Well, good.  Do it!" Chuck regrets, "I can't believe I waited this long."

In 2019, he set out to rebuild this cherished toy from his family's past. Chuck has developed 16 different designs over many months. Now he's discovered the ultimate design, one that is beautiful to behold, delightful to feel and a thrill to ride. "I just wish my Dad were here to see it, or I could call him on the phone to tell him the news! He'd be so proud that I solved the issues that prevented them from selling these, and solved them in such an elegant and durable way."

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